After the introduction of free primary education in Malawi in 1994, secondary and tertiary education still has to be paid for. Due to this fact, the quality of teaching and learning and access to secondary education continue to be an issue. While primary to secondary transition rates are improving (currently, 37.6 percent), net enrollment rate which is the access to secondary school are low, at only 16 percent and only a quarter complete their secondary school without delays. Although government mostly provides education in Malawi, it is a great burden for most Malawian families to raise funds to send their children to secondary school as well as universities. Students from marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds are far less likely to access both secondary and tertiary education.

To help ease the burden of school fees, Future4All in partnership with Help-Malawi-Nederland, introduced secondary scholarship programme in Malawi to support the needy but motivated students who are orphans or coming from poorest families by paying their school fees throughout their secondary education.

With the help of HELP Malawi-Nederland, Soroptimisten International, Ambra Abdullahi, Tena Posel and other partners from Europe we have so far supported 127 students in secondary schools and 25 students in college in Malawi.