Community Libraries

In an ideal situation a child by the age of 10 should at least be able to read and write. This is not the case in most African countries especially Malawi.  Malawians have very little access to books or educational materials and this is because there are no public libraries in most districts and only one public library in each city.  Only 20% of Malawi’s population visits these public libraries because they are far and most people cannot afford the transport costs.

Even though Malawi had introduced universal primary education and more children are attending school, most of them remain illiterate and are not learning due to lack of learning resources such as books and reading space.

Future4All Malawi sees education and literacy to play such a central role in international development and in tackling global poverty. We therefore, promote reading culture and improve literacy levels among learners and other community members through provision of community libraries and support the libraries with books, other reading materials and computers in Dzoole Village. With support from Help Malawi-Nederland, Dzoole Community Library was built and stocked with books from The School Aid and computers from the Netherlands. Over 4000 students and youths from Dzoole community and schools of Vakusi, Ntcheu Secondary, New Era, Madzanje and Gumbu are able to access library books donated by Future4All.
We want children and community youth to find hobbies that can enhance their learning and academic performance. Some of the hobbies are reading fun books; participate in literacy fun games and writing short stories. Furthermore, a mere provision of an environment rich with books, and a place they can visit whenever they want to, is a significant factor to achieve a successful future.